Do any doctors offer free tattoo removal?

I need to find out if it is possible to have tattoos removed for free if exceptional circumstances warrant it. I am a female, age 26. I am one of those unfortunates who got a tattoo while drunk and on vacation. I now have "Mala chica" outlining the top of my right breast punctuated on both ends by what was supposed to be a devilish winky face but what looks like two black blobs. I do my best to dress to hide it but there are too many times when that's not possible. I have student loans and am still in college so I won't have any disposable income for a long while. I fear the tattoo will stand in the way of my being taken seriously when I am properly out in the job market. If the possibility is real, how can I find out where to sign up should I be eligible for this procedure? Thank you.


F, 29, Missouri

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