Do any fillers provide long term results for sunken cheeks?

I’m 47 and my face has always had a skeleton look to it. It’s just not full enough and as such I’ve had fillers in the past to help with this (mainly Restylane). In my experience most of them are not really permanent. In fact they are quite the opposite. I was wondering which fillers provide the longest lasting results.


F, 49, Iowa

in my experience Radiesse and Voluma do a terrific job, and last around 1 year in most patients.  in my experience permanent fillers are not as safe or satisfactory as they may sound.

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Thanks for the question.  In our practice, we use mainly allergen products with results lasting up to 2 years.  Voluma is approved up to 2 years, Vollure just came out and lasts up to 18 months.  Restylane is an older product that lasts 6 months if best.