Do Breast Implants Need to be Replaced?

Getting this type of procedure is a very big deal for me, so I’m considering weather to go through with it or not. I keep thinking that I may need to redo the breast implant surgery in 15 years, let’s say, and I’m not sure I’ll want to do that due to the fact that I will be 45. Maybe I won’t care about it, or worse… I won’t have the money or the nerve to do that again. Is it really necessary to replace them after a while?


F, 31, New Jersey

The best thing to do is follow up with your surgeon on at least a yearly basis for an exam.  If your surgeon has any concerns he will likely order an imaging study to evaluate the implants but you can reasonably expect them to last 10+ years.  

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So the FDA currently recommends replacement at 10-15 yrs based on the data that the implants have ~ 1% per year chance of rupture. That being said the implants have only been approved since 2006 so we don't have concrete data to support needing an exchange at 10-15 yrs. Good Luck! 

Anything that is man made will not last forever.  Based on the FDA study which I am a part of, the failure rate of the current implants at 10 years is approximately 5-6%.  This may be a crack in the shell but, you are really not at risk as nothing is leaking out due to the consistency of the contents. If at anytime you have a concern regarding the integrity of your implants, the best way to evaluate them is an MRI. Implants today are guaranteed for life. 

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