Do breast reduction creams actually work?

I know it sounds very naive, but I'm hoping there's more than just advertising to it when it comes to breast reduction creams like Alexaderm, Neutriherb, and Cute-B-Cream. Is there any science behind these products?


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Breast creams claim to reduce breast size in several ways: natural ingredients such as ginkgo biloba are purported to discourage fluid deposition around the breasts, and ingredients such as caffeine claim to reduce the size and quantity of fat cells.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that biologically active molecules can penetrate the outer layer of the skin to reduce glandular or adipose tissue within the breasts.

While most of these products are possibly harmless, if they have not been subjected to rigorous scientific testing they may have unwanted side effects. Products manufactured overseas may be even less scrupulously tested.

It is understandable that non-invasive alternatives such as contouring creams or breast reduction pills represent an appealing alternative to breast reduction surgery. However, if you would like to reduce your breasts by a cup size or more, the only option is reduction mammaplasty.

You may wish to consider scheduling a consultation with a surgeon who specializes in breast reduction to gain an idea of what the surgery entails, recovery time, cost, and the kind of results you can expect, to see if the procedure is right for you.

Many patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that breast reduction surgery includes shaping and lifting of the breast tissue for improved breast shape, so that the breasts are not only smaller, but more aesthetically beautiful and positioned higher on the chest.

There is a burgeoning market of body contouring creams claiming to reduce the size of large breasts through natural breast reduction. Many of these products are not supported by science or clinical testing and state that they reduce the weight and sensation of heavy breasts through natural ingredients which dissolve fat cells, balance estrogen levels, and firm the breast skin. However, dermal technology cannot reduce breast size, only surgery can.

Effective breast reduction is a surgical cosmetic process which requires the removal of fat tissue and glandular tissue from the breasts, excision of stretched breast skin to correct sagging, and a breast lift to restore the breasts to their natural position on the chest. No firming cream can achieve results comparable to those of cosmetic surgery. Breast reduction surgery also has other significant benefits: for women with oversized breasts, breast reduction can reduce neck and back pain as well as improve lifestyle, enabling a greater range of physical activity.

I would suggest you avoid Alexaderm and other breast reduction creams. If you are serious about breast reduction, consider consulting an experienced breast reduction surgeon about your cosmetic goals. Surgery can feel overwhelming but an honest discussion with a caring and reputable surgeon can help lay any fears to rest, and outline what you can realistically expect from reduction mammaplasty.

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