Do certain foods cause cellulite?

I'm not fat but I probably weigh a bit more than I should for my height (5'3” and 128 lbs). My thighs and my butt are the fat magnets in my case and I know that regular gym visits would make a big difference in terms of toning, etc. But I hate going to the gym and I love eating. Making it worse, I have a particular weakness for sweets: cake, candy, ice cream, chocolate bars — I'm sure you get the picture. Could my diet be contributing to my cellulite and, if so, what should I avoid? Also, if certain foods can cause cellulite, does that mean other foods can diminish it? A lot is riding on your response so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!


F, 41, California

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Hi Mellany,

That is a good question. Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands. Weight gain and weight loss may change the appearance of the cellulite. To answer your question though, there are no foods that worsen or contribute to cellulite. It would be fantastic though and there would be tons of books on "the cellulite diet." Hope that helps!