Do dime curve pills work better than brazilian butt lift?

Do dime curve pills actually work? The before and after’s look ridiculous and I do not see how a pill could really improve those areas in the body. I want to look more curvy for the upcoming summer season. I do not think that I can go through with an invasive procedure though.


F, 37, New Jersey

The recent hype by people in the entertainment industry seems to have shifted from breast enlargements to having major curves and a bigger butt. Butt enlargement pills, butt enhancement creams, etc. do not work. Plus, these "enhancement products" are deemed to be dietary supplements and are not FDA-approved. They may claim that  "butt pills" are a viable option to plastic surgery but they are not. The only non-surgical method of butt augmentation is targeted exercise such as deadlifts, lunges, leg presses, etc. You can search the internet for exercises to do at home or visit a gym and work with a personal trainer to give you a workout program that focuses on the buttocks.

I know you mentioned you're uneasy with the thought of cosmetic surgery, but you may want to consult with a few plastic surgeons that specialize in this type of procedure. They will be able to discuss the various options for buttocks enhancement treatments and provide you with a different perspective on the BBL.

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No, dime curves pills will not give you the same look as a Brazilian butt lift. These type of "butt enhancement pills," like other enhancement pills that claim to change your body, don't work. The only non-surgical way to increase your butt size is to exercise your glutes. If it's a non-surgical approach to a bigger butt that you are looking for, I suggest you visit a gym and work with a personal trainer to target the specific muscles.

If you don't want to go through the rigors of exercise -- even though that will likely make you look better all around for the summer -- there are buttock augmentation procedures that can be performed to give you a big booty. I suggest you consult with a few board-certified plastic surgeons who can discuss options specific to your situation.