Do facelift surgeons keep before and after pictures?

If I go to see doctors in my hometown who perform facelifts, will they have before and after pictures from their former patients to show me? I'm asking because not all of them have pictures on their websites, so I assume that they keep them in albums or something? This is the best way to judge of a doctor's experience and skill. If they don't share them publicly is it because of patient confidentiality?


F, 48, New Hampshire

Yes it can be. They should be able to show you before and after photos in their office during your consultation to be able to show you some of their work. Good luck

Typically yes, Drs will show you photos once you are in the office. Without patient consent, doctors cannot post any photos online. So just because the doctors in your area have no photos, doesn't mean they aren't qualified surgeons. Best would be to check online reviews as well as get real patient feedback in a forum. Always be sure your surgeon is Board Certified as well.