Do I Qualify for Follicular Unit Extraction?

Do I Qualify for Follicular Unit Extraction, submitted image.

I have been able to find research about the pros and cons of FUE, but cannot find any information on if I qualify. I am experiencing female pattern baldness and am 34 years old. Is there anything else I need to be aware of before visiting a doctor?

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FUE is a pretty flexible approach for which most people with male or female pattern baldness qualify. If you have satisfactory donor hair in the back of the scalp you should be eligible. Sometimes some hormonal tests are done to help rule out other treatable conditions but for most patients, FUE (we have the Neograft machine at our facility in San Diego) is a great technology and far better than the strip grafting approaches of prior years.

-- Dr. Sayed

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it totally depends on your donor site. you need a qualified profider to look at your donor site to see if you qualify;