Do laser treatments like Fraxel erase stretch marks?

I've heard good things about Fraxel when it comes to wrinkles and recently learned it helps with acne so I wanted to find out whether or not it's an effective treatment for stretch marks. Can it be used exclusively or would I need another laser treatment to go with it?


F, 38, New York

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Fraxel is helpful in IMPROVING, but DOES NOT ERASE stretch marks.  There's is no technology that will ERASE stretch marks completely.

Sorry, there is no real treatment for stretch marks. Fraxel can make them better but I believe it won't give you the results you are seeking.

It can help, although stretch marks are scars. They can be improved, but nothing can make them truly go away. Ablative CO2 lasers like Fraxel might help, but set realistic expectations and I really hope you schedule an in-person consultation. If the stretch marks are around your tummy or belly button, sometimes a tummy tuck is the best way of getting rid of some, or all of the stretch marks.