Do some people get a lot of bruising after a facelift?

Do some people get a lot of bruising after a facelift? My friend got killer bruises after her facelift and I do not think I can go through something like that. It honestly looked like she got punched in the face multiple times. What is the medical reason for this type of bruising?


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yes, some people do bruise badly after facelift.  Most people only have mild to moderate bruising, though.  The blood that remains after the surgery shows through the thin layer of skin and that is the reason why it occurs.  even in more significant cases, it can usually be covered in makeup within 2 weeks.

The extent of the face lift operation is tailored to each patient's needs and can range from:

  • A mini lift: a small skin excision from in-front of the ear that slightly tightens the skin along the jaw line and upper neck in younger patients, to 
  • An S-lift: similar to a mini lift with the addition of a subtle tightening of the posterior deeper tissue of the neck (SMAS). This is most appropriate for younger patients, to
  • A lower face and neck lift: an extension of the mini lift that brings the incision higher in front of the ear to the sideburn and further back behind the ear into the hairline to tighten the neck and reposition the deeper soft tissues of the face (SMAS) to efface neck bands, lift the jowls along the jaw line

Recovery from all of the surgeries is relatively quick. Even with a full lower face and neck lift, most patients are doing well enough by 1 week to be out in public with minimal bruising and swelling.

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