Do stretch marks ever go away on their own?

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My wife gave birth to our first child one year ago and now has the stretch marks to prove it. Do they just fade away with time? Or will they be with her for life unless she goes for some cosmetic procedure?


M, 31, California

Thank you for sharing your question.  Unfortunately stretch marks do not fade away with time.  At first they usually appear dark, or purple-red color.  They then fade slowly to a skin color, but are still very visible.  If a year has passed from when her stretch marks have appeared, then this is most likely what they will look like forever.  There are some lasers that help a little, such as the Fraxel laser.  Surgical removal is the best option.  I hope this was helpful.  

Best Wishes, Dr. B.

They will change with time but they are permanent structures in the skin. Right now the only way to remove stretch marks is by removing the skin itself.