Do sweating problems indicate bigger health issues?

Does sweating indicate that I might have some other health problems? I can just sit at my desk the whole day, and I'll still have sweat stains on my underarms. I don't see that many people dealing with this issue at my office, and I was wondering if it's a symptom for a worse health problem. Do I have any reason to be worried?


F, 35, California

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There are some medical conditions which can manifest in excessive sweating and you should consult a physician to rule out those possibilities.  However, for most people, the condition is called primary hyperhidrosis and your first visit should be with a dermatologist, who has a number of possible simple treatments available for you.  If all else fails, there are more aggressive treatments available.  I have a discussion about this problem on my website

Hope this helps.

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACs

New York City