Do tummy tuck risks decrease with a mini tummy tuck?

Is a mini-tummy tuck less risky than full tummy tuck, with less complications attached to it? Also I don't want to end up with a bulge if I perform one of these surgeries. Do the chances of that to happen increase if I'm a bit chubby (5 ft 2 and 142 lbs)?


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Hi.  In general, elective operations in healthy people have very low risk of complication.  However, since one of the factors that can increase risk is time, then a full tummy tuck would be a little more risky than a mini tummy tuck because it takes longer to perform.  Also, since there is more area that would need to heal after a full TT than a mini TT, this could theoretically add to the risk as well.

As far as a bulge is concerned, both full and mini TT will tighten any bulges in the lower abdomen (lower than your belly button).  But a mini TT will not improve any bulge or looseness above your belly button.  Only a full TT can fix the upper abdomen.

Hope that helps.  Best of luck!

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Hello alejandrah1. The risks of a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck are similar. Actually the only difference is that the mini-TT addresses the lower abdominal bulge. The scar length is often the SAME LENGTH as a full tummy tuck so that all excess skin can be addressed. Theoretically a mini-TT can leave you with an upper abdominal bulge since the muscles above the belly button would not be addressed. You should lose weight so that your BMI is less than 30 for safe surgery.