Do You Have To Be at Least 18 to Get a Breast Reduction?

I am 17 years old, 5'2" and weigh 135 lbs. I have 36 DD breasts. I frequently wear 2 bras at a time to support my breasts and I have marks on my shoulders from my bra lines. I am looking into getting a breast reduction because I have had chronic back and neck pain for a very long time and have to limit my physical activity because of the size of my breasts. Will insurance cover this procedure? I have read that insurance should cover my case but that I have to be at least 18 years old. Is this true? I have Aetna health insurance under my parents. 


F, Virginia

Absolutely not !   You must become completely nicotine free prior to scheduling breast reduction, including patches.   Many patients switch to patches, then wean off patches.

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You sound like a good candidate for a breast reduction.   There is not an age cut off but the decision would be made with you, your family and the surgeon working together.  The important considerations for younger patients are whether your breasts are still growing, the possibility of problems with breast feeding later in life and scars.   Overall, patients of all ages are extremely happy with breast reduction and it changes people's' lives.  My advice would be to get an in person consultation now.  After that you can decide the best timing for surgery.  goid luck to you

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Hi.  It sounds like you are a good candidate to have a breast reduction.  Some insurance companies will not pay for it until you turn 18, so you will have to check with your specific plan to find out.  Check with a board certified plastic surgeon to find out how it would work for your situation.  Best of luck!

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No.  It depends on your insurance carrier guidelines.  You will however have to get parental permission. You need to check with your carrier before you move forward.  You should also ask for a list of plastic surgeons that are in your network. 

You will need to check with your individual health insurance carrier.  They all have different rules.