Do you think a chin augmentation would be possible for me?

Do you think a chin augmentation would be possible for me, submitted image.

I don't have much of a chin, as you can see. Although I'm not very much in favor of plastic surgery just for cosmetic reasons, this weak chin bothers me quite a bit. I've searched for before and after photos of men who had a chin implant and I was surprised how much of a difference it makes. I know there are worse cases than mine (I feel like such a whiner), but it happens that I can afford a procedure like this right now, and I'm somewhat convinced I need it. Do you think I'll be able to get good results?


M, 32, New York

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I think you would get a great result. I also feel that a chin may further add to your self confidence. This is an outpatient procedure which takes approximately 45minutes. In my practice, I offer computer imaging to show you how a chin implant will improve your profile. This helps you to better conceptualize the result prior to the surgery.

I think you will look amazing. You appear to be a good looking guy with good overall facial structure. You just need a bit of forward projection. You will be thrilled with your results; just make sure you entrust a board-certified plastic surgeon to get you there.