Does anyone offer a cheap mommy makeover package price?

No matter how much I try saving up for a mommy makeover, I still can't afford it. Are there doctors offering cheaper packages?


F, 41, California

I’d be very careful about looking for the “cheapest” mommy makeover surgery available. This is not a simple “product” you are buying. This is your body. You are paying for expertise. This definitely isn’t something you want done by anybody who isn’t board certified. However, so long as the surgeon you choose has the appropriate certification I say more power to you in looking around for the best price.

A mommy makeover is a multi-part cosmetic procedure that is intended to address post childbirth body concerns. While there are some differences in what the total package consists of, in my practice a mommy makeover usually includes an abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck), breast augmentation (or breast lift without breast implants) and liposuction.


At my office a mommy makeover will cost anywhere from $8,000 to $17,500. I’m told that the national average is around $15,000, which sounds about right.

If cost is a major issue, my advice would be to think of the makeover in stages. A mommy makeover doesn’t need to be done in a single operative session. Start with just a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. Then do additional procedures at a later date. That’s what I would advise one of my own patients to do in your situation.

But please, don’t shop around for the cheapest option when it comes to plastic surgery and your body. The last thing you want is a surgery center that skimps on plastic surgery procedures.

Look for experience, reputation and expertise. And always make sure you’re consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon. So long as you know they’ve been certified by the right organizations you can be confident you’ll be in capable hands.