Does Botox have side effects I could avoid?

I'm aware that all of these 'miracle' treatments involve some degree of side effects but are the side effects of Botox something that could be avoided by just knowing the facts? I'm uncomfortable knowing that a poison's being injected into my body but not so uncomfortable that I've stopped considering it. I think I just need to find out what puts a person at greater risk for these side effects and if I learn I've got those qualities, I won't have it done. But if I learn that in my situation the risks would be so minimal as not to be even considered, then I'd go right ahead. If anyone can help with this, that'd be great.


F, 42, Nebraska

Botox is a safe and very popular treatment to improve the fine lines and wrinkles of the face caused by muscle contraction.  It works by temporarily paralyzing these muscles.  Although it is a very straightforward procedure, it is extremely important that you have it done by a qualified injector - someone who understands both facial anatomy and facial aesthetics.  The biggest risk is sagging or ptosis to the eyelid, which is the result of the botox migrating down after a forehead injection and paralyzing the levator muscle.  This is self-limiting, but very annoying to have to deal with.  Other than that, the risk profile is very low when done in experienced hands.