Does a Brazilian Buttlift hurt?

How much pain will I be in after having a Brazilian Buttlift?  My main concern is that I sit at a desk all day at work so I'm not sure if I will be able to sit without pain after this surgery.  What is the recommended days I should take off from work and will I just be laying in bed until my butt heals?




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Many patients who consider undergoing plastic surgery express concerns about post-operative pain. In the case of a Brazilian butt lift, it is not unusual for patients to experience some pain, bruising and swelling after the procedure, particularly in the first week.

That being said, your surgeon will provide you with prescription pain relief so any discomfort you could experience will be diminished. Most patients who undergo Brazilian butt augmentation agree that the whatever discomfort they endure is well worth the end result.

The recovery time for the Brazilian butt lift procedure is approximately three weeks. While the healing process varies from individual to individual, based on factors like age, general health and how closely you adhere to the recovery guidelines provided by your plastic surgeon, you should be prepared to put aside at least three weeks for recovery.

This allows adequate time for the following processes to happen: the blood vessels will become incorporated into the graft; and the tissues, transferred fat cells, and blood supply will become integrated and knit together in a mesh of tissue called the extracellular matrix.

During your recovery, it is imperative that you avoid sitting down as much as possible. The reason for this is that the fat graft can be damaged and deformed by the constant low-grade pressure, as sitting crushes fragile cells and tissues. This pressure can also block the blood flow to the grafted fat cells, hindering their nutrient supply.  A lack of adequate blood supply means some of the transferred fat cells may die, detrimentally affecting your buttock enhancement.

While many people feel well enough to return to worth after 7-10 days, if you work in a sedentary job where you spend a lot of time sitting, you will run the risk of crushing some of the fat cells, possibly impacting your final result. Unless you can make an arrangement where you work from home, or work at a standing desk, it is not advisable to return to a job that requires you to sit before the 3 week recovery period is completed.

During this time you should be resting mostly on your stomach or sides, with occasional gentle walks to limber your muscles and encourage healthy circulation. Upholding this three week recovery period routine is the most effective way of ensuring you achieve an optimal and long-lasting outcome.

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A certain degree of pain and swelling is normal after Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL). This particular variation of buttock augmentation involves two components: fat transfer and liposuction, and is performed under general anesthesia.

In most cases, the pain arising from a Brazilian butt lift is associated with the lipo part of the procedure, rather than the fat grafting which occurs via fat injections. Post-operative discomfort can occur as a result of the movement of the liposuction cannula through the subcutaneous tissue. Post-operative swelling may also cause some pain.

The extent of pain experienced will vary from individual to individual based on their personal tolerance to pain level. While some find the procedure causes minimal discomfort, others describe the pain as severe. The first week after the procedure is when you will most likely experience the most pain. In the period immediately following surgery, patients are initially given narcotic pain medications, and then switched to non-narcotic relief as soon as possible.

Your surgeon will also recommend that you use a compression garment during your butt lift recovery. This garment exerts a low level of pressure to prevent swelling, reduce potential discomfort, and help the skin to retract. You will be required to wear the garment all day, every day for approximately eight weeks, except when you shower. The compression garment can improve your final results dramatically.


If you work in a job that requires you to be seated for the majority of the day, you should consider taking at least three weeks leave to ensure you don’t compromise your final results by sitting too much.

Protecting your fat graft during the postoperative period is paramount. Try to sit as little as possible, but when you do try to sit on special pillows that decrease pressure to the buttocks.  Also, you will need to avoid strenuous workouts and/or any movement that requires you to squat or place unnecessary strain on the buttocks. Lying on your stomach or on your side are the recommended resting positions during recovery. Your plastic surgeon will advise you when you can return to normal activities.

Thank you for the question and every patient reacts differently to the operation even identical twins.  That said don't plan on sitting for any extended period of time for two weeks

Dr Corbin


   I generally recommend not sitting on your backside for 2 weeks following brazillian butt lift surgery to allow the fat graft time to heal and vascularize. Generally it is very well tolerated and patients feel sore but have no problem returning to work after a couple weeks. The most sore areas are the area that the fat is harvested from (i.e abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, etc.) Good Luck!

Since I do 4 to 5 BBLs per week in my private practice (IG: drfixitmiami) I think my observations are very accurate. In my opinion the BBL surgery has extreme postoperative pain fir 24 to 48 hours. Most patients need 3 weeks recovery. Some return to easy occupations after 10 days, but mostly standing or sitting upon the BBL pillows. You need to understand this is a very serious operation. From Miami Dr B 

Brazilian butt lifts involve liposuction of some areas followed by injection transfer  of the fat from lipose to the buttock area for better shape. Most of our patients take pain medication for the first 3-5 days. 


I have performed dozens of BBL's in south Florida and we are soon opening a southern California branch as well! The key to BBL results is to offload the gluteal area for a good 10 days or so with no sitting (except to eat and use the toilet and go to the doctor for postop visits) in order to avoid pressure on the fat grafts, not so much because it hurts to sit on your butt postop. If anything, it probably hurts far less to sit on the buttock after fat grafting (BBL) than after a gluteal implant operation, where there is direct stretching and pressure on the muscle in most cases. I usually recommend a full 10-14 calendar days before return to sitting and even then I suggest a special pillow for offloading the grafted areas.

Feel free to reach out to me here on Zwivel or call 858-24SAYED (or locally in Miami you can call 305-661-1996 and tell them you are interested in a virtual consultation with Dr. Sayed). Good luck!

- Tim Sayed MD

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