Does CoolSculpting actually work on your stomach?

How well does CoolSculpting work on your stomach? How well does it really work? I want to get rid of my belly fat without getting any invasive procedures. Should I get CoolSculpting to see how it works for me, or are there other options I should think about?


F, 38, New Jersey

Hi Marlyn, 

The answer to your question depends on who answers it. If you do CoolSculpting in your practice, you will probably answer positively. I do not use CoolSculpting and have reservations about the technology. It can get technical but the bottom line is that the effects of CoolSculpting on fat cells is poorly understood. There are reports of the areas being treated with CoolSculpting actuallybecoming larger and more full than before the treatment. This has been called "paradoxical hyperplasia" but some researchers dislike this term as they claim it does not reflect what is happening. Some surgeons who have studied CoolSculpting have warned that this complication may be much more common than thought and that the company that markets CoolSculpt, Zeltiq, is underreporting this. You can go to to view an article on this. The incidence is given as very low but three of the doctors on this report are either on the medical advisory board for Zeltiq or served as investigators for Zeltiq. I think you should go very slow with CoolSculpting. Liposuction works great in this area and has been around for decades. The term "invasive" gets a lot of bad press. Any procedure that creates an effect in yourbody is invasive in some way. With CoolSculpting, you are invading the body with cold; with liposuction you use very small metal cannulas. 

Hope this helps. 

CS is very effective indeed for the stomach in my experience, but you have to meet with an experienced MD to make sure you're a good candidate for it. It does not work for extra / loose skin.

Yes, it does. It is an ideal non surgical approach to fat reduction of the abdominal wall. It may require more than one treatment for optimal results.

Hi Marlyn: CoolSculpting can work very well on your stomach. It is a very effective device but it does not tighten skin. We would like to evaluate you to see if your skin tone is adequate for the procedure. The consultation would be complimentary!

I will look forward to seeing you!

Of course it works, but it's not a weight loss tool rather a shaping tool without surgery. The best candidates are those who aren't obese, but simple have a spots that are out of proportion. Also, it does not work on fat that it can't hold into its suction applicator (fat within the abdomen around the organs, for example)

It an amazing procedure for your stomach! You will get result. You first need to visit a CoolSculpting Facilty to make sure you are a candidate and they can discuss your goals and make sure you will get the desired results.

Easy question - yes it does. The only time it won't work is if the fat is intra-abdominal - CoolSculpting can't reach that fat. We have free consults to see if CoolSculpting or another treatment is your best option.

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