Does CoolSculpting one area after other areas and make them fatter?

After CoolSculpting flanks (8 months ago), my lower body (belly, hip flexor, thighs, butt, calves) have become larger/fatter. They measure larger by approx. 2 inches and clothes fit differently/tighter. I'm concerned about this affect as it's now created problem areas that previously did not exist. Weight is within 1-3 pounds. What is happening? 


F, Minnesota

In a small number of patients, there is a phenomenon known as paradoxical hyperplasia where the fat cells actually get larger instead of dissolve.  Unfortunately, it is not known which patients are at risk for this.  However, it is effectively treated with liposuction.  You should follow up at the center where you had your coolsculpting done.  Allergan, the company that owns Coolsculpting, may cover the cost of the liposuction, if that is what is needed.