Does CoolSculpting work on the thighs?

I have a pear shaped body, and I would want to make it a bit more symmetrical by narrowing the outer and inner thighs. I'm not sure how much of it is fat (I'm a rather fit person), but I think CoolSculpting may be suited for my problem if it has the same results as for the abdomen.


F, 32, Tennessee

If the problem is a little excess fat, CoolSculpting is an excellent choice for contouring both the inner and outer thighs.  This area requires some experience to yield the best results so be sure to consult with a surgeon's practice that performs CoolSculpting treatment of the thighs frequently.

I say it's reasonable to try it. CoolSculpting is hit or miss. If you are patient and willing to take a financial risk that you may be underwhelmed, it is a safe starting point that surely couldn't hurt. I really do think liposuction, possibly with some form of tightening (either thigh lift or BodyTite nonincisional thigh lift), will produce the best results. Since these are accomplished in one treatment (surgery), the overall cost is not much greater and the results are more instantaneous.