Does CoolSculpting work well for love handles?

A colleague had a few fat-freezing sessions, and she can't stop talking about this procedure. When it comes to removing unwanted body fat, I'm usually a traditionalist. I consider harsh techniques to be the most efficient, and I'm very skeptical about these new alternatives. But Karen insisted so much that I started considering CoolSculpting for my flanks. I hope it won't be a total disappointment.


F, 37, North Dakota

In my practice I have the following fat reduction techniques:

  1. Diet and exercise
  2. Sculpsure
  3. Coolsculpting
  4. Kybella(injectable)
  5. Liposuction

By far the most efficient and cost effective is liposuction. I have also personally experienced all of these. 

The problem with the non invasive techniques is that the results are not consistent. Some people will get good results and some may not see any results; and you cannot predict ahead of time. They also require about three treatments to get the same results as one session of liposuction. Coolsculpting also has a "rare" complication of adding fat to the area treated. It is called paradoxical fat hyperplasia.

It is not unreasonable to try the noninvasive technique and see how it works for you but don't expect the same results as with liposuction.

Dr. John Stratis has 2 CoolSculpting before & afters:

CoolSculpting before image performed by Dr. John StratisCoolSculpting after image performed by Dr. John StratisCoolSculpting before image performed by Dr. John StratisCoolSculpting after image performed by Dr. John Stratis

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Buyer beware. Coolsculpting is less effective that surgery, of course. I do believe that Coolsculpting is a reasonable starting point for the right patient. My advice is to see the counsel of a plastic surgeon who offers both, and therefore unbiased, to tell you if her or she thinks you are a good candidate for one versus the other.