Does insurance cover labiaplasty?

I need to get a labia reduction. It might not sound like a medically necessary procedure but I have been troubled by the size of my labia minora since I was a teenager. It's not only about aesthetics. It's about discomfort, anxiety, and low self-esteem. My previous boyfriends all claimed not to be put off by the size of my vaginal lips yet none ever protested when I insisted that we only have sex in the dark. I'm only 23. I imagine this will only get worse. I have pretty good insurance through my job. Are you aware of any instances where your patients received authorization from their insurance company to cover even a portion of the cost because the circumstances were exceptional? I'm really desperate.


F, 26, New York

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  • Insurance plans typically do not cover labiaplasty, as the procedure is not considered to be medically necessary.
  • While every insurance policy is different, many vaginal rejuvenation procedures fall under the category of aesthetic plastic surgery.
  • In some cases, whether a procedure is purely cosmetic or medically necessary is unclear. Speak with with your insurance provider prior to any procedure to ensure that you are covered.
  • If you are unable to afford a procedure, know that many plastic surgeons will allow patients to make payments in installments over multiple months.

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Having unusually large labia minora or inner vaginal lips can be a real source of personal anxiety for many women. Despite the many personal issues caused by labial hypertrophy and the negative impact it is having on your quality of life and sexual activity, insurance plans typically do not consider a labiaplasty procedure to be a medical necessity.

Every insurance policy is different though, so I can only speak in general terms, but typically the procedure falls under the category of aesthetic plastic surgery, as with many vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Because this issue is causing you emotional distress and affecting your self-esteem, I suggest you consult with a plastic surgeon who offers a payment plan that will allow you receive the benefits of a labia minora reduction procedure now, but gradually pay for it over time.

Always remember to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for best results.

Unfortunately, most health insurance companies regard labiaplasty surgery as an elective procedure and purely cosmetic surgery.

While many women complain that enlarged labia are a source of physical discomfort, insurance companies still typically refuse coverage for labia reduction.

If there are documented medical issues resulting from labial hypertrophy, they might make an exception but, in my experience, this is extremely rare. You might have a good shot at convincing insurance providers if there were provable health issues resulting from the hypertrophy or if the condition interfered with sexual intercourse. But this would require an extremely unusual presentation.

My advice is not to let the question of "does insurance cover labiaplasty" prevent you from pursuing something that is important to your quality of life. Even if your insurance policy doesn't cover it, the price of labiaplasty surgery typically isn’t cost prohibitive. Remember that there is often a broad range in pricing between different geographic locations.

If you are unable to afford the procedure at this time, be aware that many plastic surgeons will allow you to make payments over multiple months. I encourage you to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss financing and deferred payment options.