Does Kybella work on moderately large double chins?

Hello! it seems that Kybella only gets positive reviews from young thin patients that only have a table spoon of fat to dissolve. 

Older patients, with a true double chin, do not seem happy with their outcomes. 

How long would it take, to see a final result on a true double chin (using Kybella)?


F, 50, Texas

Good observation.

I think the extent of correction feasible AT A REASONABLE PRICE COMPARED TO LIPO with Kybella is limited to small double chins with good skin elasticity. If there is significant skin laxity or a lot of fat, I don't expect Kybella, given over multiple sessions, to be a cost effective and equally good solution when compared to liposuction.

-- Dr. Sayed

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With each Kybella treatment you should see a 30% reduction of the adipose tissue. That being said, it should take about 3 treatments (a total time period of about 4-5 months to fully rid your chin of the extra fat. 

The treatment is very effective in both young patients as well as older patients! 

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