Does a mini face lift help build up and define a jawline?

I would also like to know if a mini face lift helps give some lift and volume to the cheek area.


F, 48, New Hampshire

Every Plastic surgeon has a different definition of a mini face lift.  I believe a mini face lift should tighten and lift your cheeks and jowls.  In order to increase volume, fat grafting may also be recommended.  I would seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate your specific concerns.  

The term mini face lift can mean a wide variety of different things.  I consider each facelift to be individualized and directed at the particular goals a patient may have.  One of the most common issues for patients seeking facial rejuvenation is sagging of the jawline.  Facelifts can and do provide improvement of jaw contour.  Midface volume can also be enhanced, but usually this will involve a more extensive lift.  Midface volume can be improved quite nicely with injectable fillers or fat transfer as well.

A lower facelift would address the neck and Jowls.

If volume and lift is what you are interested in I would suggest you contact us for a consultation, You might very well benefit from fillers to the temples and or cheek area. Usually a loss of volume in that area requires fillers.