Does mole removal surgery leave a scar?

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Does mole removal surgery leave a scar, submitted image.

The reason I want to get rid of my facial mole is that I want to have a clean, neat face, but it won't be worth it if I end up with an noticeable scar.


F, 35, Tennessee

Any surgical procedure that excises tissue will leave a scar by definition. There's no way around that basic fact. But I wouldn’t let the fear of scarring keep you from having a mole removed.

While removing a mole always leaves a scar, keep in mind that facial skin heals very well and the scars will fade over time. After the healing process is complete, mole removal scars are often nearly invisible -- and certainly less visible than brown spots.


For the removal of benign moles, a shallow excision technique called "scalpel sculpting" can be used. Scalpel sculpting cuts a mole horizontally, very close to the surface of the skin, leaving minimal scarring. The technique, however, is inappropriate for precancerous skin moles. In these cases the entire mole needs to be excised.

If your moles are very small and you’re removing them purely for cosmetic reasons, another option to consider is laser mole removal.

If you’re concerned about the possibility of scarring, I suggest you discuss your specific case with a board certified-dermatologist or plastic surgeon who ideally has a lot of experience removing facial moles.

All mole removal surgery leaves scars.

From your question it sounds like the reason you want to have your beauty mark or mole removed is for cosmetic reasons, not due to any health risks like melanoma.

While I can't offer you specific medical advice without a direct consultation, the scars from surgery to remove a mole generally heal to the point where they’re practically invisible. And any minor scarring from the procedure will be much less visible than the original mole or birthmark.

In the unlikely event your procedure results in visible scars, there are laser and scar treatments which can reduce the visibility of the scar at a later date.

Mole removal surgery is a fast and simple cosmetic surgery. The risk of unsightly scarring is extremely unlikely and the recovery times are very brief. If your mole is bothering you I encourage you to meet with a dermatologist to discuss removal options.

Unfortunately there is no magical, scarless removal. Any removal that involves cutting will leave some type of scar. Shaving the mole will leave it flat, but the pigment will most likely still be there. If the mole is excised you will have a straight line scar. If you're willing to accept an incision line instead of the mole, then you might be a good candidate for removal.

-Lauren, Patient Coordinator

Yes, you will be trading the mole for the scar.  Most of the time, facial scars heal well and wind up being less noticeable than a dark mole.  Talk to a local plastic surgeon to help you make the decision.  Best of luck!

All incisions leave scars but in general the face heals remarkably well and the scar would likely be almost invisible, but keep in mind you'll be trading the mole for a small scar. Good Luck!