Does sclerotherapy work?

I have large blue leg veins and I want to get sclerotherapy. What's the typical cost, downtime, risks, etc? Thank you! 


F, 43, New York

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Hi Jessica.  Sclerotheraphy works very well for the small spider veins, but does not work very well for the larger ones.  If your veins are small enough for sclerotherapy, the cost is relatively low to treat these (estimate $200-500 depending on how many), and the downtime is minimal too.  You would just need to wear some compression stockings for a couple of weeks.  If your veins are too big for sclerotherapy, then there are other options that you can explore to fix them... lasers, vein stripping, etc.  You should probably meet with a plastic surgeon or vascular surgeon that specializes in this type of treatment to find out your options more specifically.  Best of luck!

Hi Jessica

Sclerotherapy does in fact work.  It has been a staple for many years.  It tends to work best on the smaller veins, but can work on larger ones too.  Sometimes multiple treatments are needed, and of course, you may always develop new ones over time.