Does a thigh lift leave you with visible scars?

I'm aware some scarring is going to result from this procedure, but I'm interested in knowing if the scars are going to be extremely visible and running all along my legs. Will everyone know I had this surgery if I wear a dress?


F, 50, Pennsylvania

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Hi.  The standard thigh lift gives a scar running down the inner part of your leg from your groin crease to your knee.  So with this method, you would have a visible scar.  Over time, scars fade.  But they are always present.  The other option for thigh lift gives a shorter scar within the groin crease only.  This technique is better for people with much less excess, and the benefit is a much more hidden scar.  Check with your PS to see what your options are, and what you could expect with the different procedures.  Best of luck!

There are two ways to perform a Thigh Lift.  A Vertical Thigh Lift creates a scar that extends down the inner thigh, usually all the way down to the knee.  This technique creates the most tightening, but scarring will always be visible.  Another option would be a Medial Thigh Lift, where the incision is in the groin crease, which helps lift the skin to a certain extent.  You may still have laxity in the lower thighs above the knee with this technique.  If you are against the long scar that will show when you wear a dress, opt for the Medial Thigh lift with Liposuction.  Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for consultation.  I hope this was helpful to you.  

Best Wishes, Dr. B.