Does under eye filler cream work for dark circles?

Both of my parents have very dark circles under their eyes, and I seem to be getting them as well. Does under eye filler cream do anything to improve these dark circles or will I have to see a doctor? I feel like I am very young (24) to start getting fillers or botox.


F, New York

My opinion and what I see work best is PRP. It is the most natural way to rejenerate tissue. PRP is the portion of our own blood that contains growth factors our body needs to stimulate the growth of new tissue. We simply draw your blood and place it into FDA approved centrifuge and spin it down to isolate and concentrate YOUR PRP. We then inject it in the under eye area and your body does the rest. 

Creams and ointments, in my experience, are ineffective for treating "dark circles" under the eye. Many patients, even younger patients, seek an improvement in the so-called tear trough area. A small amount of filler, strategically and carefully placed, can make a tremendous difference in improving the appearance of this area.