Does working out tone saggy breasts?

I'm 19 year old my breast sag a lot than it should be. It a insecurity of mine that I have for a long time. I wondering if I tried to working out will it help or should I do surgery?


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Thank you for your question.Exercise (working out) helps increase the tone of the muscles and soft tissues that are adhered to muscles and make them more tight.But ;breast tissue is different from muscle tissue. So ; no matter how much exercise you do, there will be no change in breast tissue.But; weight loss will reduce fat tissues in the breast tissue so; it causes breast sagging in some patients especially who have not a good skin elasticity.

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Working out, although good for your overall health, will not fix saggy breasts. The only way to correct this is to have surgery. Breast reduction surgery could decrease your ability to breast feed a child and may have to be repeated after you are finished with your family.

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