Does Xeomin last longer than Botox?

Or it's just a matter of genetics and dosage? 

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F, 42, Virginia

For the most part, Xeomin and Botox injections are very similar. Both injection treatments achieve wrinkle reduction by limiting muscle movement at the injection site.

Botox contains onabotulinumtoxinA while Xeomin contains the very similar incobotulinumtoxinA. The mechanism of action is effectively the same in both products and the duration of both products is approximately three months. Both products are priced at more or less the same amount as well.

Whether or not Xeomin is better than Botox is difficult to say. While many doctors feel Xeomin yields a softer look when treating frown lines and other facial wrinkles, it does have a significantly slower onset action. (Four days for Xeomin vs. 72 hours for Botox).

Another difference is that Xeomin has fewer additives than Botox and does not require refrigeration.

Always remember to visit a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for best results.

Xeomin is a newer Botox alternative that contains an active ingredient nearly identical to Botox. Both wrinkle treatment products use botulinum toxin to inhibit muscle movement and prevent fine lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet from forming. There’s not a great difference between the two products and for many dermatologists and plastic surgeons, the choice between the two is like that of Coke or Pepsi.

Both Xeomin and Botox treatments immobilize facial muscles for approximately three months before another injection is required. One appreciable difference however is that Botox has been shown to have a quicker onset action than Xeomin.

The duration of action and precise cosmetic results achieved with any botulinum toxin product depends on many factors. The depth of the injection, the specific treated area, the quantity of botulinum toxin used and the facial anatomy of the patient all play a role in determining the efficacy of the treatment.

Hi janicee,

Thanks for your question.  Xeomin is the same exact molecule as Botox and behaves the same way.  Dysport is a little different and has been shown to start to work a little faster than Botox.  Some patients may have a better response to Dysport than the others but it has not been scientifically proven to last longer.

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Dr. Horowitz

Hello Janicee,

Thank you for sharing your question.  I have found that Xeomin has not lasted longer than Botox in my practice.  Most patients have said that it has lasted about the same amount of time, or less than Botox.  I hope this information was helpful.  

Best Wishes, Dr. B.

Hi Janicee,  

Thank you for the question. Botox and Xeomin are very similar. They both last about 3 months when given in adequate doses to cover the treated area. 

I find that Xeomin has more natural results and my patients love it. 

You can alternate between them and see which one you prefer. 

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Dr. Khuth

Hi, I've used Botox, Xeomin or Disport for almost 30 years and the duration of effect is the same for all the available neurotoxins which is approximately 3 months.  The duration of effect can be extended by using a serial injection method that weakens the muscle (that causes the unwanted line) even further.  Aesthetic results can appear different based on the depth and amount of neurotoxin used.

Hope this helps.

Dr Francis Palmer