Double chin and neck liposuction for a defined jaw

It's incredible how self-conscious a double chin can make you, and you can't even do anything to improve this. Maybe your attitude but that's really hard when you have to see yourself in the mirror every day. Nothing hides a chubby neck. Perhaps a neck liposuction would? What results should I expect?


F, 55, Pennsylvania

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Liposuction is a great option for the dreaded double chin or turkey waddle.  It can be performed quickly and without much discomfort or recovery.  Your recovery should be about 3-5 days of swelling, 7 days of bruising, and 2-3 days of some soreness.  You would likely have to wear a chin strap or compression garment especially for the first week so take this into consideration.  Alternatively there are a few non invasive options that are effective that yu can also look into but they may produce more modest results based on what your problems truly are. 

In terms of results you should see a slimming of your neck fat, more definition of your neck line and better separation between your neck and chin/jaw.  Normally you may see good final results in a few weeks and up to 6 weeks based upon how much there is to be done.  Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to get the most accurate information based upon your case.

Good luck with your procedure!

Liposuction can give a substantial improvement to a double chin and neck waddle. Depending on the amount of fat removed, skin tightening with the RF device FaceTite or Neck Tite and the neck may be recommended.  Liposuction + or - skin tightening are quick procedures with rapid recovery.  Expect about 5 days of swelling and bruising. Most people take a few days off, but I have had patients go to work the night of the procedure. The procedure is not that expensive and almost everybody thinks it is worth it.