Downtime of breast lift surgery?

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So my breasts are saggy after massive weight loss. I heard exercise helps to make them firmer and I tried them but I couldn't see any change. Since it's very saggy I'm not able to wear any party dresses as it looks weird. One of my friends advised undergoing breast lift surgery from a clinic in Toronto ( ). I just want to know the exact cost. Also, the downtime of the procedure. Is there any risk associated with this surgery? Thanks!!    


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Only that clinic can give you the exact cost, and that would only be after they examine you and discuss your goals. In my Newport Beach, CA practice, a breast lift can run from 5000-7500 USD depending on what is done. Downtime is minimal in my hands, and many of my patients return to work in 3-4 days, exercise in 3-4 weeks, and are completely healed by 2-3 months. The biggest risk is persistent deformity, cosmetic dissatisfaction, asymmetry, loss of nipple tissue, wounds, and loss of nipple sensation.

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Most surgeons require a consultation and breast exam prior to giving you an exact price. There a many types of breast lifts, which will alter the cost. The expected downtime is about two weeks, unless there is a delay in wound healing. There are risks associated with any surgery, especially when undergoing anesthesia. Your surgeon should discuss the most common risks of breast lift surgery at consultation. Best of luck!