Dysport vs Botox - which is better?

Which is considered more effective: Dysport or Botox--specifically when the target is frown line--or does it really just come down to who is administering the treatment and not the treatment itself?


F, 39, Florida

These fall into a category of medications called neuromodulators:  botox, dysport, jeuveau, and xeomin.  In my experience they are all very similar with very subtle differences.  In my opinion, dysport, compared to botox, has a faster onset but tends to migrate more diffusely which can lead to a heavy brow.

I think they are both very effective when administered by experience practitioners.  Doctors will often choose which botulinum they will use based on comfort level.  In my hands, Botox is a more reliable toxin with a lower risk profile.  Other doctors will likely feel the opposite.