Endoscopic forehead lift better than forehead lift?

What makes an endoscopic forehead lift different than a regular forehead lift and is it a better choice? Does it comedown to a person's preferences? I know only that the endoscopic forehead lift doesn't require the removal of any skin which is a plus but I'm wondering still if there's something else significant that distinguishes the two procedures. Thanks.


F, 57, New Jersey

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An endoscopic forehead lift is performed through small incisions with the assistance of a surgical telescope to see beneath the tissues.  Advantages include smaller incisions, less likelihood of getting areas of numbness postoperatively, and in my hands I believe the fixation of the brow into its new position is  more accurate.  

The endoscopic approach is less invasive, doesn't involve big scars, has much less risk of nerve damage, and has shorter recovery.  BUT, because it is less invasive, the amount of "lift" that can be accomplished is less.  This may be perfect for someone who has only mild droopiness of the brows, but if the brows are too low, then this may not be an adequate treatment solution.  Your best bet is to have an evaluation/consultation with 2 or 3 plastic surgeons that specialize in facial rejuvenation surgery to get an opinion about not only which technique would be most appropriate for you, but also to learn about what you could expect as an outcome from each method.  Best of luck!