Face swelling after Electrical Muscle Treatment


I had a facial two weeks ago and the aesthetician used a high-frequency and EMS devices on me. My eyes and one cheek became swollen right after the procedure. Next morning my whole face was swollen. The swelling has been SLOWLY decreasing over these two weeks but it is definitely not all gone. My puffy eyelids have barely improved at all. I have been taking Allegra and do not know what else to do. What could possibly cause this reaction?


F, 28, Connecticut

Tags:woman age 25-34 face swelling

Without seeing you in person it is difficult to say for sure, but the swelling that you are experiencing is likely just due to inflammation as a result of the EMS device.  The device may have overstimulated the muscles and tissues of the face.  The fact that it is coming down is a good sign.  Swelling around the eye tend to linger, regardless of the cause.  I recommend you go back to the doctor where you were treated to make sure there is nothing else going on.