Facelift with natural look?

Hi! Maybe you can help me on this. I want to fix my already saggy jowls, together with my fleshy neck, and I wonder if a facelift will make my face look very fake and artificially stretched. Can I hope for a natural look, even if I have this major surgery done to my face?


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A board certified plastic surgeons with experience in face lifts is key. A face lift should enhance you appearance, not change it and produce a "stretched" out look. Researching your plastic surgeon is your first and most important step in achieving a positive result.

Properly done facelifts should have a natural appearance.  Stretched or artificial appearance is the result to poorly performed facelift surgery. I would encourage you to consult with an experienced facial surgeon and review before and after examples of their results.  In short, a natural look after facelift is not merely to be hoped for, it should be expected!

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