Fever After Mommy Makeover

Is it normal to experience hot flashes two days after undergoing a mommy makeover? I had a tummy tuck, a breast lift, and arms lipo. I'm worried that my body has had a negative reaction to this extreme surgery. My doctor certainly didn't warn me about any side effects that included feeling my face and body burning as much as they do!! Is it possible I might have gotten an infection? Please help!!

Tags:age 35-44 side effects

I'm not sure from what you are describing but it is too early for an infection at two days post-operatively. I recommend going in to see your plastic surgeon to be sure that everything is healing and progressing as it should. Good Luck

Dear caralove; Thanks fr the Zwivel inquiry. BUT why have you NOT called or seen your chosen surgeon in a follow up visit? This could be a significant issue and needs you to be seen TODAY>>>>