Free Mommy Makeover surgery ever offered?

Do any cosmetic surgeons perform necessary mommy makeover surgery for free if someone is deemed unable to afford any such thing but who is deserving because of a particularly difficult situation? I'm well aware that there are cosmetic surgeons who volunteer their services to people in third world countries who are beyond poor and who can be born with horrible defects. I wouldn't dare compare the need for a mommy makeover to the need for surgery on a disfigured face or body but the self esteem destroyed by a figure gone to pot can be devastating. I'm not even asking on my own behalf. I just wanted to know if the possibility of free mommy makeover surgery existed at all in North America.


F, 38, Indiana

It sounds as though you may be an excellent candidate for a mommy makeover procedure. If the option is available to undergo mommy makeover surgery at that location, you may want to contact a chief resident clinic. Senior plastic surgery residents train in chief resident clinics under the guidance of staff surgeons. There are significant savings should you decide to have your mommy makeover performed in such a facility.

There are also other financing options you may wish to consider: CareCredit, for example, offer financing plans that help make cosmetic surgery affordable to patients who cannot pay the full sum upfront. Some plastic surgery centers offer their clients other payment plans allowing them to pay in installments. I suggest you do your research and find a board-certified plastic surgeon whom you trust and who can work with you to make the cost more manageable.

Mommy makeovers represent one of the most gratifying procedures a surgeon can perform. Mommy makeovers can achieve what exercise and diet cannot: By excising loose skin from the stomach and lifting or augmenting the breasts,  a woman's body can be returned to its shape pre-pregnancy.

While you are highly unlikely to find a plastic surgeon who is willing to perform a mommy makeover pro bono, there are options you can consider which could render the procedure more affordable. Women with very large, sagging breasts which cause neck or shoulder pain and hinder physical activity may have breast reduction surgery covered in part by their health insurance provider. Breast reduction includes a breast lift, elevating the breasts to a perkier position on the chest.

Another procedure that may be covered by health insurance is a panniculectomy. This body contouring surgery is used to remove excess skin and tissue from the lower abdomen and, although it does not tighten the abdominal muscles as successfully as a tummy tuck, it does remove loose skin, thus streamlining the lower abdomen.