Getting pregnant after Tummy Tuck?

How long after undergoing a body sculpting procedure is it safe to start planning the next baby? My husband desperately wants another child but I’m concerned my mini tummy tuck would get ruined or negatively affect the pregnancy in some way. I know I should've waited until I stopped having kids but at the time thought maybe having only one child would be enough. My husband disagrees with me now and I'm starting to believe he's somehow right. So I need help on this! How much time do I have to wait before I can get pregnant again?


F, 37, New York

The general rule of thumb for major increase in activities after tummy tuck is 6 weeks.  The incisions  and repair should have attained 90% of their tensile strength at that time.  Therefore, a planned pregnancy can be considered at that time.  The major stress to the incision and abdominal repair are later in the pregnancy, not near the beginning.  As with most cosmetic surgical procedures, sexual intimacy can be enhanced trying out your new body.  We see pregnancy planned and unplanned after liposuction, tummy tuck, etc.  Unfortunately, pregnancy will have a negative effect on that new body form.  Consider completing your family.....then having an ultimate mommy make over in the future.   

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No surgery if you plan on immediate future pregnancies! 

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