Gore-tex or Silicone for Rhinoplasty?

Which one is more popular for revision rhinoplasty: Gore-tex or Silicone? I had 2 procedures performed on my nose: one for my deviated septum (in 2010) and the second one for my long, over-projected tip (2015). I had the "brilliant" idea of choosing a different doctor for my second operation, and everything turned out to be a huge disappointment. I don't like the shape of my new nose at all! It looks very fake and pointy, not even close to what I wanted. Is Gore-tex a better alternative or should I choose autografts?


F, 35, Tennessee

Secondary revision rhinoplasty is a complex operation that is best done by skilled physicians who have done many primary and secondary cases.  Without photos and exam, it's impossible to give you direct recommendations.    See a couple of surgeons (including the original two).  Find out what they have to say.  Choose the one that you trust most and whose plan makes the most sense.  Be sure to discuss your goals and concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and consider the pros and the cons. Be certain your surgeon is properly certified. 

Generally speaking I prefer autoraft for revision rhinoplasty. If you are looking to remove cartilage it might be a better idea to scult what you have, rather than replace it. For what it's worth, there's a third option, composite alloplast, that you can read about by clicking the link. It's not totally relevant to your case but it might answer many of your questions!