Hair loss remedies that actually work?

I just turned 23 years old and have started to lose a lot of hair. I can still cover up my bald spots pretty well and don't think many people have noticed that I'm balding yet. But I know it's only a matter of time because seriously, every time I wash my hair these days it borders on ridiculous, so much hair comes out that it actually blocks the drain in our shower sometimes. I have every intention of getting a hair transplant once my bald spots become impossible to hide but in the meantime am wondering if any of those hair loss cures you hear about really do slow down the balding process - or at least make the hair you still have appear thicker. I'm highly skeptical about the efficacy of these products in general but am prepared to try anything that might actually work. So could you confidently recommend any products I could try and/or tell me which ones are the scams I should avoid?

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