Help me get rid of vertical furrow on forehead PLS

Help me get rid of vertical furrow on forehead PLS, submitted image.

I have a deep vertical furrow on my forehead and I know it's there because of a lifetime of worrying and stress but I want it gone. It's now causing me even more stress to see it knowing that it was caused by stress in the first place. Is Botox a solution for a problem like this? I know it's common because I see it on other women - and men - all the time and I don't like it on them either. Help!


F, 54, Tennessee

Botox is the most common solution to this problem, and when the frown lines are very deep, a little bit of filler in addition to Botox can go a long way in fixing the problem in a nice way.

Botox may help, but fillers are probably the answer, followed by maintenance botox. In other words, you've got to fill the gap, and prevent recurrence. Hope this helps :)

This is one of the most common requests we see in our practice. Forehead furrows -- which appear similar to an ‘11’ between your eyebrows and fine lines in your forehead -- are the result of years of facial expressions that come from a host of positive and negative emotions/expressions. There's really no way for anyone to prevent forehead wrinkles other than remaining expressionless and avoiding sun exposure for the better part of your life. Neither of those seem reasonable.

Many people have tried skin care regimens to reduce forehead wrinkles, while others have tried chemical peels. We've found the best remedy, albeit one that lasts from six to nine months, is Botox. Short of a facelift, there are only a few proven ways to help the forehead area. Depending on how your body processes Botox, the results of the injection is only temporary and generally lasts around six months or so. To maintain your look the injections will need to be repeated.

If you have deep forehead wrinkles, which unfortunately get worse as we age, your doctor may suggest using a combination of Botox and injectable fillers. If you have lines by your eyes (crow's feet) you may also want to ask the plastic surgeon or dermatologist during your consultation if they can be attended to as well.

Some people have sensitive skin, others don't. In either case there is usually some mild skin irritation at the injection points, but any swelling or bruising can be lessened with the use of ice packs. The person doing the injections will provide you with a list of post-procedure directions.

It’s tough not to stress over furrowed brows or frown lines that were probably caused by stress in the first place. But now you can relax. There are several solutions that can help you. Patients usually come to us after doing their research online and trying home remedies to reduce wrinkles. These home remedies generally include altering their diet, hydrating, facial exercises, anti-wrinkle or overnight creams, etc. The result is that they may be healthier all around, but they still have lines that look like the number 11 between their eyebrows as well as forehead wrinkles.

We recommend that you consult with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine the wrinkle treatment that works best for you. Odds are you'll hear that the best results come from Botox injections, which work well to soften furrow lines and make you less angry looking. Botox works on the underlying issue, which is overuse of the muscles that have caused your forehead lines. Fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm, are often used in addition to Botox for deep frown lines.

A combination of Botox or Dysport and a filler would work best. The Botox or Dysport would help relax the muscle to keep you from making the movement that created the line to begin with. The filler would fill in the etched in line. Over time, if you keep the Botox up, your furrow should smooth out.

-Lauren, Patient Coordinator

Hi Lilian

I think the fastest, easiest, least expensive way to do this is with Botox.


Thank you for your question.  Botox is a great option to soften your ability to frown and will make the deeper furrows appear a little softer as your frown muscles relax with Botox.  This effect can last for a few months.  Fillers can also be used to soften the furrows even when when you are not frowning.  I would recommend that you visit with an experienced injector as this is one of the danger zones for fillers.