High and Tight Brazil Butt Lift

Is it really achievable through a surgery? Even the tight part? Exercising had almost zero results, and I’ve been doing that for over a year.


F, 31, Ohio

I can do a lot with fat reinjection into the area to tighten. But it depends where your starting point is. Are you in the Cincinnati area? Feel free to make an appointment to come in and I can give you an opinion.

Yes, I perform these (but) disagree that fat should be injected into gluteal muscle. It is safest to inject into the subcutaneous, dermal skin. This avoids the potentially fatal pulmonary fat embolism from an inadvertent injection of fat into a vein. Large veins are plentiful in the buttocks. I combine fat with the patients own stem cells to get the best possible graft survival. Without stem cells 50% of the fat will die. Sometimes suture lift or implants are a better option for a minority of people.

Yes- it's absolutely possible. Good Luck

The answer depends on your body shape and what your goals is.  With some body types, certain goals are unrealistic.  Other times, this can be done with fat grafting (BBL) or with implants.  You would need to consult with a surgeon to see what your options are, since there's no black and white answer to the question you've asked.

Yes. The fat should be able to expand all the areas in the muscle and soft tissuebolacemrnt