Hip augmentation

I don't have enough fat for fat grafting. How safe is silicone hip augmentation? What are the chances of slippage? Is this recommended for those that do not qualify for fat transfer or grafting to the hips?


F, 32, Virginia

Hi sundez,

Thanks for your question!  Unfortunately, injectable silicone is not performed in this country.  I recommend you be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon to ensure that you do not have enough fat for grafting.  Even so, tightening  your waistline with liposuction and/or a tummy tuck can make your hips look relatively wider.

Hope that helps!

Dr. Horowit

I would tell you that there is only reputable implants made for buttocks and not for hips. I would caution you against anyone that wants to use implants in the hip. Fat grafting is really the only reproducible way to augment the hips with low risk of problems. 


   I have not seen or heard of hip implants for augmentation so it would be difficult for me to recommend that operation. Patients can receive buttock implants which can improve the shape contour of your buttock and hips but not hip implants. Hope this was helpful.

There is NO safe substitute for fat in spite of what you might read. Use special caution in Florida and foreign practices. There are products in common use that are not approved by the FDA

Hello. I am unaware of prostheses have been developed for hip augmentation and my suspicion is that they do not exist. G

Try to gain weight first! Injections of silicone in that amounts very dangerous. Please be careful out there.