How about estrogen pills for breast enlargement?

I'm close to reaching my goal of having breast augmentation surgery (I've been saving up for it as a present to myself for my 40th birthday this October). I'd like to know if it would make sense for me to take estrogen pills (for whatever breast enlargement results they provide) before having the augmentation done. Would it interfere in any way with the surgery or could it help get the process started? Are the results of estrogen pills long-lasting? Please advise when you can.


F, 40, Tennessee

I would not suggest taking estrogen pills for breast enlargement as these hormones can have additional untoward side effects. Congrats and good luck!

Taking estrogen as a means of breast enlargement is not recommended.  There are other effects ie increase in breast  cancer risk that come along with taking estrogen supplementation.  Unfortunately there is no magic bullet other than surgery.  

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