How can I avoid scarring from my breast reduction surgery?

I want to make sure that I do everything possible to minimize the scarring from my breast reduction surgery that I am having in 2 months. I know there will be scarring but can you recommend any creams, ointments, etc. that will help minimize breast reduction scars?


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Have you talked to your surgeon? Arnica montana and bromelain, as well as a diet high in protein, can help with your healing. Most surgeons have a regimen for postop scar management. Sometimes it includes silicone gel/s, Mederma, Embrace dressings, and other techniques.

First, follow you PS directions on incision care. I ask my patients to  clean incisions with hydrogen peroxide and use a antibiotic cream on the incisions and keep them covered. Once the incision is closed, begin a silicone cream ( I recommend biocorneum which I give all my surgical patients) . I would recommend this treatment for 6 months or more. In addition, please be careful to avoid sun or tanning booth exposure to any new scars.



Dear powell:

Without further in-person consultation, the following will be a generalized opinion. There are many factors for which undesired scars develop. Some are mentioned below. There are many things to do to minimize scaring BUT in the end you will scar and it will be permanent. Hopefully, it will be minimized and within a year of expected healing, fully functional and as inconspicuous as possible.


Skin color and incision sites will partially determine scar appearance:

  • Patients of Irish and Native Indian descent are at risk for thicker, ropier and redder scars.
  • Patients of color: African, Asian, Mediterranean and India descent will tend to have mixed or darker pigmented scars.
  • Thin skinned patients of northern European descent tend to have thinner or wider scars.
  • Incisions within the areola tend to be the most imperceptible; as those for areola reduction or breast augmentation.
  • Incisions outside the areola under stress will tend to heal thicker and wider.
  • The amount of skin and breast reduction will alter circulation and may therefore slow incisional healing time.


Considerations for improving “breast” scars include:

  • Retinoids such as tretinoin and retinol used before and after skin injury provide a regenerative stimulation of normal skin regulation with evening skin tone / texture, reducing untoward scars and adverse pigmentation.
  • Lesser incisional surgery such as: Liposuction Breast Reduction with / without Thermi BreastLift
  • Expectation of scar revisional surgery following complete healing of the surgical scars.


Consider all these factors and more with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at your consultation. I hope this has been helpful. All the best. ,

Your surgeon's skills will determine the tension and quality of closure. Protect the wounds by keeping them clean and dry for two weeks. Thereafter, protection from the sun, gentle massage, and application of specialized silicone gels may lead to better cosmetic results. I often recommend SkinMedica and BioCorneum to my patients.

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