How can I fix my Droopy Areolas quickly?

Are there any quick fixes for droopy areolas? I would be great if there were some types of exercises or creams available online. Does anyone know of anything at all that I could manage at home? Rather than going through a long consultation process and meeting with a doctor to figure out that I have pay thousands of dollars to have them fixed.


F, 32, New Jersey

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Sorry, there is no non-surgical option for lifting your droopy areolas.  There are a few minimally invasive options, but you would still need to meet with a PS for a consultation, and there are still costs involved.  Look on-line to see if any of the results (invasive or minimally-invasive) appeal to you, and if they do, then you will have to go for a consultation.  Sorry, but I would not suggest spending a lot of money on creams or exercises since they are not going to work.  Best of luck!