How can I fix sagging breasts without surgery?

I have a rash on my skin that is caused by my saggy breasts. I don't care what my breasts look like, I just want to get rid of the rash. I looked into breast lifts but I am to old and poor (I live on a fixed income) for real plastic surgery. Can you just stitch the skin up? Or are there any other alternatives to surgery for sagging breasts?


F, Texas

Thank you for your question.  A mastopexy operation is a breast lift operation that elevates the breast and it can be performed under local anesthesia.  I know that surgery is not in your budget.  However, there is an energy based device that can heat the skin from the inside with the concept of tightening the skin.  The elevation of the skin is limited but the cost and scarring is much less.  Something to consider.