How can I lose my double chin as quick as possible?

I have been on a very strict diet and exercise plan and have been doing great. I'm down 32 lbs in about 6 months, however there are areas of my body where fat does not seem to be the issue. For example, my chin seems to have a lot of excess skin and it looks like a double chin and a turkey neck. What is my best option to have this taken care of as quick as possible? Does chin liposuction exist? I don't mind having surgery, just hopefully something without a lot of down time.


F, New York

Chin Liposuction does is possible, but liposuction is primarily for the removal of fat. There are some non-invasive Radio Frequency treatments that will tighten the chin, but the most successful treatment I have seen so far for the chin is a treatment called J-plasty.  It is a relatively new treatment in which we go subdermal into the chin region and use a radio frequency with Helium gas tighten the skin. This treatment is similar to Liposuction but is used for tightening only and is often combined with Liposuction if true fat removal is needed.

It sounds like you have skin and soft tissue laxity in the neck.  If this is the case, liposuction alone will not help.  Surgical repositioning of the sagging tissue with a facelift/necklift is likely the best options.  Begin with a consultation for evaluation by an experienced facelift surgeon.

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